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XDPR Game #1 Results

Congratulations Runners!


Our inaugural XDP token game is now complete with 1 runner emerging victorious, conquering all 5 day’s questions within regulation. It was an exciting week for the Dogeparty Runner team and the players.


This week was invaluable for streamlining the process of operating a token game over the Dogeparty platform. We had a mixed bag of comments and suggestions to help improve our gameplay and we are very grateful to all the runners who joined us.

As thanks for participating we’ve sent 250,000 REDDIT to each of you!

We decided to hold off on releasing another game in back-to-back weeks so we could tidy up our gameplay and spread the word. Look forward to next week for Game #2 and a new round of questions, tokens and prizes.

XDPR Game #1 Stats:

  • Runners: 4
  • Clues requested: 6
  • Hints requested: 5
  • Runners solving all 5 problems: 1
  • Runners solving at least 1 problem: 1
  • Runners not able to solve a problem: 2
  • Runners never leaving the starting block: 1

XDPR tokens on the open market:

  • RUNNER: 1
  • CLUES: 3
  • HINTS: 4
  • PRIZES: 10
Stay tuned for more updates regarding last weeks games and future Dogeparty Runner games…

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