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Gameplay tweaks

repair13Pimpin’ ain’t easy – Big Daddy Kane

Well, neither is creating the first Dogeparty token game, as we found out after our initial week of gameplay.


It’s the only way to really see if something works. We decided to release the first XDP token game during the Dogeparty burn to prove that the concept and platform the Dogeparty team is building is sound right out of the box. By-and-large the platform worked, the runners had fun and the game was a success. But, not without flaws. We took the week off from hosting a game to tweak the gameplay and get ready for next week. The show must go on!

Grand prize and PRIZES

The biggest tweak is a recommendation from our Runner who completed all 5 problems. Our initial gameplay had runners who answer all 5 problems entered into a raffle drawing that picked the winner of a new, shiny electronic device. Since only 1 runner completed the week we were going to cancel the raffle and just award the new miner to them. After discussing options with them, and under their suggestion, we modified the Dogeparty Runner gameplay as follows:

  • A raffle for a new electronic device (ie: ASIC) will happen at the end of each month.
  • The 4 weeks leading up to the raffle will each have a game with 5 questions per day where players will earn a raffle ticket into the monthly drawing.
  • Players answering all 5 problems for the week get an additional 5 raffle tickets for a total of 10.

This great suggestion will give more people an opportunity to compete for the prize and it also gives motivation to complete the week’s problems for extra chances to win.

The Dogeparty Runner PRIZES token will be the raffle entry ticket token. It was previously always the token to be awarded to the winner of the raffle. Then it was redeemable for the prize. This limited the supply of PRIZES and really didn’t give the token much inherent value. Now with each player correctly solving a problem receiving a PRIZES token it gives the token some value on the open market.

A Runner answers all 5 problems 1 week for a total of 10 PRIZES tokens (1 per problem + 5 bonus). They may want to use 5 PRIZES to enter the raffle at the end of the month and put the other 5 PRIZES on the open market. Now the community can trade tokens to get in on Dogeparty Runner raffles without competing in the games.

Daily problem distribution & RUNNER tokens

During the inaugural week it became apparent that there was too much wasteful token transferring going on to keep the gameplay moving along. A major culprit was the RUNNER token. Initially this token was each player’s ticket into the week’s games. Then as each problem is correctly solved we would re-distribute a RUNNER token to the correct answers. Then, the next day they were returned again for new clues… and so on.

This back and forth of a single token was unneccessary and costly (each sent asset in Dogeparty costs DOGE) for both the player and the GameMaster. So instead of doing this for numerous players across numerous days the following gameplay tweak is happening:

  • Once a player is signed up and has paid their entry fee they get a RUNNER token
  • On Monday when play begins the RUNNER token is sent back to Dogeparty Runner to start the game and give out the first clue.
  • If a player answers the problem or doesn’t answer the problem they are still eligible for the next day’s problem.

This scenario actually played out last week because we had 1 Runner answering questions and trading the RUNNER token back and forth each day and other Runners who were getting questions everyday but not trading the RUNNER token because they hadn’t earned it back. We like this tweak to the game because it gives players the ability to answer other problems if 1 day’s problems is giving them issues.


These changes will be reflected in the Gameplay & Example pages.

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