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Major savings with a dash of cognitive deciphering

Major savings with a dash of cognitive deciphering

male132We created Dogeparty Runner to be a fun way to save big on new products while being competitively challenged along the way. Our weekly cyberhunts end with a raffle of all eligible runners.

So each player’s entry fee into the game is the first step to being in the final prize raffle.

Paradigm Shift

The Dogeparty platform lets us add another dimension to our games with the addition of a decentralized exchange (DEX). This is an innovation in the competitive gaming market that will benefit our players the most. Our hope is the game tokens proliferate through the community as the games become popular. Players can strategically decide to hold or trade the tokens they earn playing Dogeparty Runner. Each token serves a purpose for the games, thus giving each an inherent value.

This strategic angle to the game historically was hard to pull off for a number of reasons. Companies creating games with rewards typically are site or application specific. Therefore, the rewards players earn only have value on the company’s platform. Players wishing to leave need to either spend or abandon their rewards; rewards rightfully earned by participating. The same is true with companies offering rewards for crowd participation like Quirky, Freelancer & Fiverr. Dogeparty is a vehicle for trading rewards from any number of sites and projects on a decentralized exchange. This new paradigm creates an avenue for rewards (tokens) to have value based on the open market and not the originating company’s closed system.

Major Savings

Dogeparty Runner accepts both XDP and DOGE coins for entry fees. Registrants receive a RUNNER token when they enter to play. Typically our entry fee for a weekly cyberhunt equals around $1 USD. Players that win each game receive a PRIZES token that can either be exchanged for our weekly prize or exchanged on the DEX for whatever token they want to trade for. We are giving away brand new products worth well over $1 USD. An example of the savings possible for players that win:

Product: Gridseed Mini (Amazon)
MSRP: $299
Retail Price: $89
Shipping: $0
RUNNER token: $1
PRIZES redeemable: Gridseed Mini

In the above scenario a weekly competition was announced, players paid $1 (equivalent), were given RUNNER tokens and the game went through it’s 5 day process. At the end, the winning player earned a PRIZES token redeemable for a new Gridseed Mini. The miner lists at $299 and retails for $89 with free shipping included. The winning runner won a new Gridseed Mini for $1 including free shipping*.

That’s a 99% savings no matter how you look at it!


* Free shipping for winners within the continental US. Dogeparty Runner ships worldwide.

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