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Why we love Dogeparty

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Dogeparty Shibe

Bitcoin 2.0 projects are growing daily and to us, they are the next big thing in the crypto world. Anyone following these projects (Ethereum, Counterparty, NXT, Mastercoin, and more) knows the game changing potential they bring to folks around the world.

Wider spread adoption is coming and projects like Dogeparty are getting us closer to that reality.

Counterparty code

We’ve been big fans of these developers once we started to see how good their business plan was. While other teams were collecting venture funding and investors these guys were actually making the product first. Actual working products (even in beta stages) is better than potentially empty promises and will always get the nod for our support. While the wallet is still in continual development the potential of all that Counterparty (and forks) makes it the Bitcoin 2.0 project most closely mirroring how Satoshi himself developed Bitcoin.

Proof of Burn

Dogeparty put the method of creating XDP to a vote with the community. It overwelmingly chose Proof of Burn as the best method for creating the Dogeparty currency. While we understand diehard Shibe’s misunderstanding of the reason for locking DOGE in an inaccessible address forever we also understand the value this adds as well. Roughly 1-5% of the total dogecoins in existence (at this time) could be used in the creation of Dogeparty. That should counter the inflation rate built into DOGE nicely over the next few years and give users of DOGE a decentralized trading platform for anything they can imagine to create or contribute.

Dogecoin & community

What else can be said about a joke coin that has become such a widespread sensation. When we heard a fork of Counterparty was coming to the Dogecoin blockchain we said, “that’s a no-brainer dude.” What a great marriage. This is evident by the shear number of tokens/assets the community has made on the Dogeparty platform… and the initial burn isn’t even finished yet. Combine that with the speed of the Dogecoin blockchain and we know this project is going to be a success.

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