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PRIZES! Gridseed Mini

sgsdf7HDF8Gridseed was the first ASIC manufacturer to make Dual-mode miners and one of the first Scrypt ASIC products. These miners are perfect for the hobbyist or as a gift.

They can hash on the Bitcoin algorithm SHA-256, the Litecoin algorithm Scrypt and in a special Dual-mode, utilizing both Scrypt and SHA. Gridseed Minis can be used to mine any coins using those algorithms. They can be used to mine Dogecoin because it hashes the Scrypt algorithm!

Each week we announce a new Dogeparty Runner cyberhunt and what the runners will be playing for. Winners of our games earn PRIZES tokens and we have a bunch of these Gridseed miners that we will be rewarding to holders of our PRIZES tokens.

All Dogeparty Runner prizes are new, un-opened products. We will be giving away name-brand electronics, miners, gift cards and more. Free shipping is provided to winners within the continental United States. We ship prizes worldwide.

Product Description

Gridseed ASIC Miner for Scrypt and SHA-256 Mining
Default hash rate: 10.0 GH/s SHA-256, 340 KH/s Scrypt
Power consumption: 5-7 W Scrypt, 50 W in Dual-mode
Power supply: included
Size: 4 in x 4 in x 3 in

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