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Calling all runners!

Dogeparty Runner Game #1 begins NOW!


Enter for a chance to win a Gridseed Mini and REDDIT tokens!

Registration is now open>>closed.

We are pleased to announce the first-ever XDP token game! Registration is now open to players. The game will commence Monday, Sept. 1st @ 10am EST. The game will close Friday, Sept. 5th @ 10pm EST.

Besides being part of Dogeparty history, this week’s players are competing for a new Gridseed Mini ASIC miner. They are also going to be rewarded with REDDIT tokens.

Game Details

  • Entry fee: 5 XDP or 7,500 DOGE, player’s choice
  • Prize: Gridseed ASIC miner
  • Token giveaway: 10,000 100,000 REDDIT for every correct answer!
  • Game address: DGd4vv2uvsYd4Xi5ST6BXroiqVdV5h9sjs
All players need to have a Dogeparty Wallet to participate in this game.

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